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WCM Podcast #6 - Mary Spender

In this episode, I interview Mary Spender, a super-talented singer/songwriter from Bristol in the UK. In 2014, Mary released the EP entitled "Faux Americana," which includes 4 well-crafted and recorded original songs that keep you coming back for more and make you wish there were 4 hidden tracks to discover. She has since released the follow-up "Taking Shape EP" and is in the process of releasing new material while preparing for a tour.

I found out about Mary while checking out some YouTube videos from other creators that I follow and have been a fan ever since. One of the things that made me want to reach out and interview Mary was her willingness to share her story with fans and how she goes about putting together her songs, which is very much in the spirit of what Warm Chord Music is all about. In this interview, Mary talks about writing and recording her music, her influences, and experiences as a performing artist trying to build her brand and share her music with the world. 

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