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Stepping Back Behind The Kit

So I woke up this morning to a text I thought was a bad joke from one of my best friends and probably the best drummer I know. The text informed me that he had broken some bones in his dominant hand, which I immediately blew off and figured it would be followed by "j/k," but that follow-up text never came. A quick phone call later confirmed the text was the real deal. With the upcoming launch of the new site, podcast, and having already paid for a session vocalist to appear on this new song, pushing the drum tracking beyond November really isn't an option, so I'll be moving forward forward with recording the drum tracks myself for this song. This is the first song I've recorded drums on since the first WCM release in 2013, "Indecisive." I've sone some messing around with this song on drums a while ago, but never expected to record it myself. I guess I have some work to do before tracking it on the 18th!  - JC


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