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Pandora Update, Podcast News, Other Rambings

It's been quite a while since my last blog, but I have some exciting things to share! First of all, the WCM Podcast just hit 1,000 downloads last week, which is great. One of the major factors was episode #10 (Jack White) - which brought in over 250 downloads since being published in early June. We have several future episodes in the planning stages and episode #11 (Jack White part 2) should be online this week!

"Haunted Dreams" has been on Pandora since late April and it's been doing quite well. Nearly 60 listeners have actually created a "Warm Chord Music" station from this one song, which has spun over 15,700 times since being released and over 9,000 in the past month! I also received good news that my first single, "Indecisive" was approved to be added to Pandora and should be live within the next month. 

I'm eagerly awaiting some good news about some music licensing opportunities for "Haunted Dreams," as I've been working with a PR firm on getting it front of the right people. I'm hoping to have more info on this later this month. 

Last month I attended Sweetwater's Gearfest in Fort Wayne, IN. This was the 4th time I've attended and it was great fun. I picked up a Gibson J35 acoustic guitar, which was one of the main reasons I went this year. Adding an acoustic to my gear arsenal provides more opportunities to write different types of music, while staying true to my sound. I also picked up a Ludwig 8x14 raw brass snare, which is the same thing as a Black Beauty, without the black plating. It's a monster of a drum and I can't wait to get it recorded on some tunes. 

Lastly, I decided the Axe Fx 3 I bought in May just wasn't a good fit for me, so I sold it for a profit, bought another Kemper profiling amp, and then paid off a credit card with the rest of the funds. I couldn't be happier with the decision to go back to Kemper. I already had a lot of great profiles, but I've since picked up a bunch more for my Fender Strat, using Tone Junkies. Next to Michael Britt, they have the best profiles for low-mid gain amps, so it's a perfect match for my strat. My goal for sometime this summer is to get my Revv Generator 120 amp and cab into Woodshed Studio to do a complete profile pack of that amp and possibly make some of the profiles available for purchase, and give away a sample pack to the Kemper community. 

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