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We're on Pandora!

If you haven't already heard, "Haunted Dreams" is now on Pandora. So far, it has over 2,000 streams since being added earlier this month, and over 20 people have created a Warm Chord Music station, which is awesome. If you're a Pandora user (free or paid version), please do the same and give "Haunted Dreams" a thumbs up! This type of engagement helps get the song played on other stations more frequently.

In other news, the college radio campaign is going well. After starting out at 400+ on the college radio charts, "Haunted Dreams" got up to 184 last week before getting pushed to 236 or something like that. The important thing is that we have several stations playing the tunes regularly, so that kind of support is really appreciated. I'll be sending out some personalized thank you notes soon to these folks in hopes that they'll continue to support WCM.

I haven't written anything new lately, but I've been doing jamming and I hope to get a few solid ideas worth developing this summer. I would love to do some sort of EP instead of a single next time around.

I recently purchased a new guitar, which I then had modified to be more comfortable. Its 2018 Fender Strat, original 50's vintage style. I had the pickups replaced with noiseless Fishman Fluence strat pickups. The vintage tuners were replaced with Grover locking tuners and the pick guard was replaced with a tortoise shell guard with one less knob to give me more room. 

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