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Haunted Dreams Release!

On Friday, March 9th, Haunted Dreams officially was released online. Thus far, I couldn't be happier with the response. In addition to the downloads and streams, about 12 new Spotify users followed WCM and Pandora approved the song to be included on their free platform. The Pandora thing was honestly a big deal to me, as my previous three releases had been rejected, so I was a little anxious to find out what their response would be. I honestly felt that if "Haunted Dreams" didn't make the cut, nothing would. Quietly, I was confident it would get approved because its a little easier for them to categorize and the production value is really good. I'm in the process of working with a PR firm to get the song (and a few others) played on college radio, and to shop it around for sync licensing opportunities. There's no guarantees in the music business, but I honestly feel like this song gives the best chance to get something going. 


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