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Vocal Melody For The New Song

Last night I pull in the drive way after a long drive home and quickly check my gmail inbox, hoping to hear from a freelance vocalist I've hired to sing on the new song. I'm excited to see that she's about to send over a sample of her ideas for the vocal line. I get in the door and about 30 minutes later, she sends another email with an attached MP3 with her singing along to the song, only without real lyrics. If you're not familiar with this process, basically its like when you're singing along to a song in the care but you don't know all the words. Imagine hearing an Adele for the second or 3rd time and you know how the melody goes but instead of singing words, you're singing "na, na, na------na" and so on.... That's basically what I'm getting from the vocalist. Hearing someone else's take on your song can be nerve-wrecking. You have to trust they have a vision for the song and that they can execute it. For the sake of the song, I was willing to do this, and it's paid off so far. I heard the melody ideas for the verses and I'm thinking "holy shit, this is great!" As someone who writes lyrics after the vocal melody, I'm now feeling like there's a path to follow and build lyrics from. I'm anxiously awaiting the next set of ideas for the vocals, this time for the chorus..........

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