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Back To The Woodshed

Ok, so today is studio day. It's about 10:45 in the morning and I'm sitting in my basement listening to the Metallica Master of Puppets Box Set. A rough demo version of Welcome Home Sanitarium is playing on my computer and it's reminding me of all the basement tapes I've recorded and probably have sitting in a crate somewhere. I should look and see if there's anything cool worth sharing..... Anyways, I'm getting my drums tuned up and ready to be packed up for the ride to Woodshed Studios in Oak Park. This is the same studio Bedford Drive recorded it's first two albums, which I played drums on. Come to think of it....this is the first time my drums have been at woodshed since the last tracks were recorded for the BD Bearsuit EP in 2003. 14 years; that's just insane to me! 

I'm meeting Ed (Sertage) at the studio at 1pm, so that gives me a couple hours to pack everything up, run to GC and pick up some grip tape for my sticks, get something to eat for lunch, and head up to Woodshed. On the agenda is recording drums for two song. First up is an original I've been working on for the last few months. The other recording is a cover of "You Wreck Me," by Tom Petty. With Petty's death the other month, I did what I'm sure a lot of people do when a songwriter dies, you dig into their discography and remember how much you love their music. Ok, so maybe I didn't do that with Prince or Bowie (both legends), but Petty's music always spoke to me. I've covered his songs before (on drums) and always thought he was a great songwriter and his songs were fun to play. 

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