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Back In The Saddle

Since I learned my good friend wouldn't be available to record the drums for the new song in the studio next weekend, I've been using my spare time to finalize the parts I'm going to record. It's funny how I didn't think 173 beats per minute would be that fast when I was recording the scratch guitar tracks, but on drums, it's been a challenge to nail some of these drum parts. There's a cool thing I'm trying in the 2nd half of the verses where I'm playing cut-up sixteenth notes on between the ride and hi-hats that seems to sound cool in the context of the song. Playing it clean isn't an issue, but at 173 bpm's, I can feel my hands cramping up like crazy, sort of how I used to feel when I was in Bedford Drive. I don't know if it's tendonitis or what, but it was one of the reasons I stopped drumming in BD in the first place. It kind of sucks  when it hurts to play your primary instrument, but for one song I'll be recording and never playing live, I can suck it up.

The goal for the rest of the week is to go over the parts again and make sure I have everything figured out before studio day (Nov. 18th). The only real decision left to make is whether I'm going to ride on the crash or hi-hats for the chorus. This is what pre-production is for, so thankfully I've been able to record these ideas and I think I'm getting closer to making that decision.

The vocals/lyrics are starting to happen lately. I've exchanged messages with the singer for the song, Vio, and sent her some lyrics so she can start working on finalizing her parts. I'm hoping to collaborate with her on the lyrics, now that I have a concept she can work with. To be honest, this process of working with a remote vocalist is more challenging than I thought, but it's been a positive experience so far. More info to come soon!

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